Wednesday, August 6, 2008

still more weddings

I spent a busy weekend out of town at Kate's brother's wedding. She thought that she was going to be busy and I was going to get bored sitting around, so I brought a bunch of movies to watch and my laptop to work on. But it turned out that I was pretty busy with things too. It was a fun time though. It's interesting to compare how she gets along with her extended family against how I get along with mine. Kate's mom thought I was a great dancer, though had Kate said that I had no rhythm only a few hours earlier. Truthfully, I'm probably closer to "no rhythm" than being a great dancer.

Today I've been looking through craigslist ads for a new apartment. I think this lack of a kitchen is finally starting to affect my health. And having laundry facilities nearby will be fun. My goodness, 1-bedroom apartments in dc are expensive right now. I wish we were college age again and all my friends weren't so committed to living alone. Anyone want to get an apartment?

This blog is the first google result for Banjolina Jolie. I am so popular... or maybe they're just unpopular.

(a user review, talking about submitting a faulty ASUS laptop for repair)
"They have variously promised to email and phone me about the status of getting the unit I purchased back to me. They have done neither. Calling their support phone lines brings no joy."

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