Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This morning I watched a bit of the movie In the Valley of Elah. Good movie. They should just make a movie called "Tommy Lee Jones Investigates Murder" because I'd watch that too. He makes one good cop.

Also this morning I blew some fuse somewhere while changing a dead lightbulb and now none of my lights work. Also one outlet died, though all the others are still okay. Here's hoping I haven't done major electrical damage to an old house.

And in other news, they've decided to release a juvenile delinquent in my neighborhood who likes to knock pedestrians over and steal their stuff. But I'm sure he's learned his lesson this time.

(from a Microsoft employee's blog about an internal memo recommending against the viewing or searching of patents)
I was confused by this guidance till I wrote and reviewed one of my own patents. The legal claims section--the only section that counts--was indecipherable by anyone but a patent attorney. Ignorance is bliss and strongly recommended when it comes to patents.

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