Sunday, April 19, 2009

At a party last weekend someone said that Nicholas Cage has never been in a good movie. I kept quiet because it's definitely a matter of personal opinion, but I disagree. Here are the 10 best movies with Nicholas Cage, as determined by me, in chronological order I think. If you think otherwise, you're wrong.

Peggy Sue Got Married
Raising Arizona
Valley Girl
Guarding Tess
Trapped in Paradise
Leaving Las Vegas
The Family Man
The Weather Man

The girl who defended Nicholas Cage thought his good movies were National Treasure and the Rock. She was so very wrong. The Rock was good the first time I saw it, but National Treasure somehow rubs me the wrong way.

Also last weekend, I was standing in the kitchen with Kate and she started sniffing the air. "I think you have food going bad in here," she announced and started checking under my sink and looking through my fridge. Finally, after not finding any moldy food, she bent toward an old mousetrap near the back of my fridge on the ground and said "Ugh. I think you have a dead mouse in that mousetrap." These traps have been in the kitchen since I moved in, and I've never had any indications of mice running around in the kitchen, so I never bothered touching them. Neither of us knew how to open the trap and check whether there was really a mouse in there, but Kate picked it up and said "it feels heavy" so we put it in a plastic bag. At some point a little later she decided that maybe there wasn't a mouse in there, so I just left the trap in the plastic bag on my floor. Later that evening I was stretching my arms and noticed that they were slightly smelly from an inactive day without deoderant. I said "You know, I think I might have forgotten to put on deoderant this morning." Kate said "Let me smell." She stuck her face up to my armpit, and immediately let out a very loud "ACK!! GAAH!!" I didn't think my pits had that strong an odor, but apparently it it's a similar smell to a dead mouse.

(from a messageboard about Citigroup stocks) C is like my wife... Unpredictable!!!

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