Monday, April 13, 2009

For some reason the ice coffee in my fridge froze. I've never had anything freeze in there before, maybe the fridge is getting more efficient over time?

At Giant on Friday, Kate and I took the little blood pressure test that they have by the pharmacy. It said I have high blood pressure! As if! I'm far too relaxed for that. My mom likes to remind me that I have a genetic predisposition for high blood pressure, but I never really took much notice of it until now. I was always banking on my being secretly adopted. These people couldn't really be from the same genepool as me! Now I'm reading food labels for sodium content. It's a sad day. Tonight I'm going to a basketball game with some of Kate's friends. My first professional basketball game ever.

(joe gets out-saracasm'd on gchat)
me: i just like to keep things in my calendar
me: the night you're leaving is the same night of the thermals concert, btw
kate: lol
kate: oh good
kate: I was worried about that thermals concert
me: worried? why?
kate: no
kate: I don't even know what you are talking about

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Rachel said...

peter and i were at that game too!!!