Friday, April 17, 2009

I saw the watchmen last night with Rachel. I enjoyed it, despite the long length, slow dialogue and male nudity. I think eric disliked the music, but I liked it. The old lady (whose name I don't remember because they introduced way too many characters) had a prosthetic face that looked pretty terrible. The action scenes were similar to 300, and I'm not sure that's a good thing, though I liked all the scenes with Rorshach. I'd rather watch a whole movie about him than about Wolverine's origins. I'll probably skip that one when it comes out. I'm surprised these heroes were so quick to accept that the ends can justify the means. Usually being a hero means you believe in something. Anyway, well done, pretty interesting, very long.

Monday's basketball game was interesting too. Have basketball rules changed recently? There's 30 seconds left in the game, the leading team has the ball, why doesn't the defending team foul to try to get the ball back? From what I could tell, neither team was doing very well with their freethrows. But instead the losing team just played regular defense with a full court press. Maybe that old end-game strategy is considered dishonorable these days. In the end, the Wizards lost because at 3 seconds before the end of the game they just let a guard take a 3-point shot from the top of the key. Nobody even ran toward him or anything. Disappointing.

ShieldWolf: You can't get that kind of rich without being a crook, and every one of them are.
Alpha803: Care to tell us who JK Rowling stole from? How about David Beckham? George Lucas has done OK, who did he rip off?
IceFox: He ripped off my childhood!

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