Sunday, April 11, 2010

My allergies are out of control. I should have picked up some alavert when it was on sale last winter but somehow allergies seem like such an absurd thing, until they actually hit you.

I signed back up for netflix. On the 2 movies plan, which might be adjusted up or down later. I thought about cancelling cable, but didn't. Maybe I will later.

Today I have no plans and no pressing work to do. Seems like the first time in years that I've had a completely idle day. Maybe I'll walk through Georgetown.

Current work status: 40 hours, 2 counts, 74% for the quarter so far. It was a bad week for work, but I've definitely had worse first biweeks.

(from a video review of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. During the scene when Anakin confesses to having killed a bunch of sand people)
Guest: I'd like to discuss some minor inconsistancies in this scene.
Reviewer: Be quiet, this isn't the time!
Guest: What? What isn't the time?
Reviewer: Be quiet, this is an emotional moment! Anakin just killed some sand people!
Guest: You mean Arabs?
Reviewer: No! No! Racist.. No.

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