Monday, April 19, 2010

Next time I'll talk about Vietnam, I promise. For now, some random things.

This weekend Eric visited dc from san francisco and Giorgia is heading out from dc for SF. Ended up being kinda busy with probably too much drinking. I'll miss seeing Giorgia around. She was always a pleasure to stop and chat with. For her last weekend we went out to some karaoke place in Annapolis. I sang Sloop John B early in the night (pretty well I might add because I know the Me First version) and then just laid low and drank. It was lots of fun though. It's a fun group of people.

I busted the hot water faucet in my shower this morning. Somehow I closed it too far and now the handle is all lose and won't turn on anymore. I guess it's going to be cold showers until the building gets around to fixing it. Or no showers, because that's more likely.

I installed the wii netflix program. I streamed an episode of Skins and fell asleep on my couch like 5 minutes into it. It might have been because I was hungover and had been eating oreo cookies all afternoon, or maybe the picture quality isn't as good as on my computer. I'll have to try it again sometime. I also got super mario wii, and it's almost like a return to my childhood days of playing mario 3. I get all into it when I'm playing. My heart leaps at the close calls and I think "ha!" when I beat a level. It's like when I play Tekken but not as frustrating.

The new version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is damn hard. I end up getting chased through level after level by uniques and ghosts.

(from In the Loop, talking about the number of troops available for an invasion of Iraq)
American General: Twelve thousand troops. But that's not enough. That's the number that are going to die. And at the end of a war you need some troops left, really, or else it looks like you've lost.

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