Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The facebook pressure is on from James to write something here about my birthday. I showed up at One Lounge way too early, because Ravi Shah told me he and Rupal would be getting there at 5:45, but then he never showed. That slacker. After a while Jamie showed up and we talked about places around dc and I got a strawberry mojito. I'd read raving reviews of the strawberry mojitos at one lounge, but the one I got was pretty terrible. So I kinda nursed it. Then when we were leaving I asked for the check and the waitress, who had an eastern european accent said "Oh the check... there is no check..." I gave her a surprised look, and she awkwardly just walked off without explaining. I was kinda worried that she had heard me complaining about the disappointing mojito, but then it turned out that Rachel and Kate had secretly paid for my drink.

We went to the new Madhatter for a while. It's a pretty nice place with a decent food menu and it was surprisingly quiet for a friday. And then I met up with Kate Reid and some of her friends out at RFD where I drank lots of unpleasant dark beers because the lady would give me judgmental looks when I ordered a light beer. But that was fun, Kate's friends are very lively. I didn't know the back room at RFD is really just a large tent over the back patio. We got stormed on a little.

It was a fun, but kinda subdued birthday. In the future don't make plans around expectations of a couple friends (in this case Puja or Ravi)- I probably would have preferred to start the drinking later.

Yesterday it was just Rachel and me at trivia night, but we kicked ass!! Our team, appropriately named the Better Half, got 46 points out of 80 possible, while normally we score something like 55-60 out of 80 when we have all four people on the team! Apparently our team is carrying a lot of dead weight! And if you had asked me last week, I probably would have suggested that I was the dead weight, but there was a movie slogans round yesterday that I totally rocked! And I correctly guessed that the first thing people think when they wake up is "what time is it?" Because that's what I usually think.

Tonight I'm going to watch the room out at Rachel and Adam's. I have high hopes for it.

(my mom talking about giving final exams for her math class)
mom: and you can't use a calculator on the test so students have trouble
me: ouch. Can't you a calculator.. That's terrible. It's not like you'll ever not have a calculator on you as an adult.
mom: you can't have a calculator on you all the time, Joseph.
me: I think i have one on my cellphone, it comes with me everywhere.
mom: Even in the shower?

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