Thursday, July 8, 2010

I went to Reynoldstock for the long weekend. I got a bunch of mosquito bites, saw more college kids at once than I've seen since college, played a little badminton, ping pong, lost my mp3 player, drank some beers, ate some barbecue, went to the beach, took a fair number of naps, and tried to defend Nicholas Cage against an onslaught of negative remarks made by unqualified movie critics. It was a good time.

One of my friends from high school's mother is on facebook and she posted a photo of a bunch of my hs friends and some townies hanging out in the local bar. She captioned it "fun times with great people" and the elitism of it disgusts me. Reynoldstock was mostly full of people whose company I happen to enjoy. But it isn't an elite club of better people. I'd probably enjoy your company too, if I met you. And if I was drunk.

College kids tend to bring out the pessimist in me. I think it's because Eric is so enthusiastic about so many things. I feel like I need to bring the general consensus back to reality. Goonies was great 20 years ago when I saw it as a pre-teenager, but it is definitely not a good movie. And if you rave about it I'm going to tell you that it sucks. The same goes for Willow, Teen Wolf, Duck Tales, and almost everything you liked as a kid. If you rewatch something like Duck Tales, and then want to rave about how it is still great, well then you have a skewed view of movies. So around Eric and college kids who mistakenly love things that should not be loved I'm a pessimist, but around Kate and those DC kids who dislike a lot of things I end up being more of an optimist. I guess it's the contrarian in me.

Joseph Gribble: Lori broke up with me though. It hurts so much! It's like my heart is a really sad man.

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"unqualified movie critics" was the best part.