Saturday, March 3, 2012

Just ordered this baseball cap for myself. Soon I will be worrying passing liberals who will think I'm a crazy conspiracy theorist, while simultaneously serving as a painful reminder to conservatives of the racist undesirables who continue to make up an embarrassingly large part of their voting base. Ah, good times to come.

I'm feeling much better now and I have a whole bag full of new medicines that will probably expire before I fall sick again. I also did fix my phone, but the fix involved wiping out all the phone numbers on there so unless your number is a 202 or 707 number I won't even have a guess as to who's calling. I'll probably figure out how to import all the numbers into the phone again at some point but for now I have a text file on my computer with everyone's phone numbers that I use to look numbers up before dialing. It's like being back at my parents house growing up, except there we had a large sheet of paper with telephone numbers on it.

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