Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Inspired by my sister Lauren's christmas present I've been playing old video games. Mostly SNES games that I never had growing up. Here's a summary.

Super Mario World is pretty easy. Jumping from platform to platform is just like Mario 3 on the NES, I rocked at that game. Also it makes my stomach lurch when Mario has a really close call and sometimes I unconsciously wave the controller around to empasize how far I want Mario to leap. It's an effect video games haven't had on me since playing NES games in jr high.

Gradius III is super difficult. I've played it a dozen times and can't get past the first boss. I just read a faq online and there doesn't seem to be any tricks, just be super careful. I can get to the first boss, and almost beat him, but then in a stroke of bad luck I'll get killed and not be restarted far enough back to get the power-ups needed to even come close to beating him the second time. It's like Mario 1 that way. If you die in the last castle of Mario 1 and have to restart it small it's 10x as difficult because there're no power ups.

Aladdin is pretty easy, though it took me a while to remember how to beat that boss in the market place. And then that lava stage totally ramps up the difficulty. That lava stage is killer.

Super Ghosts n Ghouls is a difficult game. The main guy moves as slow as mollasses and can barely jump. Zombies appear right at your feat and they run faster than you! It took me a while to discover that you can double jump but that made things at little easier once I'd figured that out. It's weird how all the weapons power ups are actually worse than your starting weapon. Why would you want a sword to swing at zombies when you start with infinite spears to throw at them? I also think it's a bit cheap that the zombies can walk through pillars that you have to jump over and can't throw spears though.

Played a bit of Zelda but that game's boring. And a bit of the Lion King but I don't like the way it controls. Super punch out is mildly entertaining but somehow more frustrating than the NES version.

(Mack puts on ~40 pounds and Dennis doe not approve.)
Mack: We've been through this. I'm cultivating mass.
Dennis: Stop saying that. And if you are, stop cultivating and start harvesting!

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