Thursday, August 23, 2007

Craigslist selling Rule #1

I'm listening to the Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack while I do stuff. I forgot to mention in the last post that my oldest sister's new fiance, John, had the gall to show up to the Jewish wedding without having seen Fiddler on the Roof! Such blatent disrespect for these traditions! Practically an anti-semetic statement! I was aghast, luckily nobody else was around at the time to hear him say it.

Hmm. I had something else to write about. What was it... Oh, just sold some videogames on craigslist. From now on I'm not doing any deliveries for items being sold. You have to come pick it up, I'm not leaving my couch. I sold 2 games for $15, and then the guy wanted me to walk out to Dupont to meet him at the metro there! We had so much back and forth over the games that I felt sort of compelled to agree to meet him half way. It went from being a free $15 (I was never going to play those games again, they were boring) to being like 45 minutes of my evening wasted walking around dc! "Never again!" "Fool me once, shame on you-" You get the idea. It's interesting, I've noticed that people who sell/buy on craigslist are much more likely to be on facebook than random people. Maybe it's because craigslist is a college kids thing. The kid I sold the videogames to is a former gwu student (class of '07), and the girl I'm buying a mirror from tomorrow in Adams Morgan went to PSU on a gymnastics scholarship. So much stalker potential, if I only cared more. Stalking really is a matter of being passionate, something that I am not.

(talking about the movie Weird Science)
jschelllll: the brother being a jackass
jschelllll: kinda sounds like how you described your brother
Dan: my bro was a dick, hey paul can you buy us beer, next day, dan and his friends wanted me to buy them beer.


Rachel said...

i havent seen fiddler on the roof, but my family is from the same town as them

joe said...

"For shame!" Well, I like the movie anyway. I don't remember them mentioning any Safrans, but I think the characters only have first names.

Rachel said...

it wasnt the safran side of the family