Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Noelle's wedding

Noelle's wedding was fun. The weather is much nicer up by Boston, like in the mid-70's. Flying up we had some trouble. Dave, Eric and I all got the same flight, and it was delayed and then cancelled around midnight. Our flights got rescheduled until early the next morning but there were no hotels available in Baltimore (according to the airline rep anyway).

The airline rep wanted us to sleep in the airport but we definitely didn't want to do that.There was talk of calling up Baltimore girls and arranging a couch to sleep on, but Eric and Dave both thought it would be too awkward to call up ex-girlfriends. Then there was talk of going to a baltimore bar and trying to pick up girls to go home with. I don't think that was ever seriously considered. Dave's idea was "We can go to a bar and find some young ladies to take us home." And Eric suggested some beer bar, but Dave pointed out that the hotties probably wouldn't be hanging around a beer-nerd bar. Then Eric said "Yeah. So we can go to the good bar first, and then afterwards we'll go to the popular bar to pick up our skanks." It was funny how our theoretical hookups got reduced from being three hotties (with possibly one ugly girl that someone was going to have to take the fall for) to three skanks in about 30 seconds. We ended up getting a free cab back to Arlington, slept at Dave's place for a few hours, and then got a free cab back to BWI at 7am. We thought at first that they had lost our luggage on the cancelled flight (which would have been pretty funny), but it turned out they had just put it way off to the side.

We didn't have much time on Boston. Just enough for me to take a nap on Ben Ming's couch. Then we drove down to Worcester for the wedding. The wedding was nice. It was really warm in the church and in my suit, and the catholic service had a long, meandering sermon and communion included. The reception was pretty fun. Dave, Eric and I were at the same table as a couple of Noelle's coworkers and Ashley. The coworkers mostly talked to each other about work-stuff, and I think Ashley still doesn't really like me, though she seemed happier with her husband being there, and he was an alright guy. There was an open bar for most of the night, but I ate a bunch of food and ended up not being very drunk. There was an after-party in Bryan Hurley's hotel room. It was a little awkard. On the one hand, he had a whole lot of beer, and I felt like drinking. But on the other hand Rob's parents showed up, and everyone was significantly older than me, and they all knew each other well so I didn't have much to add to their reminiscing. So I drank quietly, kept to myself for the most part, and heard some stories that were much more graphic about Rob and Noelle's sex life than I ever wanted to hear.

The trip back was mostly uneventful. It always surprises me how long it takes to catch the shuttle from BWI to the metro. That thing comes like once an hour. Oh, they lost Dave's bag, which had one of my suits and one of eric's suits in it, but it's not a huge deal so long as they find it eventually. Dave gets a nice per-diem for his job so he can buy a new toothbrush and whatnot.

Next weekend I'm flying to California for another wedding, and to congradulate two cousins who got married last weekend but I couldn't make it to either. And I haven't gotten much done at work. I should quit that.

(at the wedding reception)
Dave: You know, I think I would be a good singer if I just sing low enough.
(Dave loosens his tie and starts singing along to the song in a super low voice. Eric and I both laugh because it sounds rediculous.)
Dave: Eric, you should let me in your band, I want to be in your band.
Eric: You can't be in the band.
Dave: Why not?
Eric: We're rag-tag enough as it is. Sawyko doesn't really have that much... He has enough to get along but...
Dave: Is he a singer?


Puja said...

going to California? You should give me a call if you're in not going to just be in Northern California? That and we're in the same time zone, that warrants a phone call all in itself!

Rachel said...

too bad you arent in boston next weekend, thats when i'm going. Worcester isnt exactly a place i'd recomend going---so its probably a good thing you had minimal time to spend there. You could have slept at my house, except my parents are in bangkok so noone would have been there to let you into the house...you'll have to go back sometime and see the awesomeness that is boston. also my friend chris (you know him) was sleeping in a hotel right at bwi airport that night, you could have crashed with him....see how i always have the solution to all problems :)

joe said...

Probably the 3 of us crashing at Chris's hotel wouldn't have been totally welcome. But I should have known to call you to for contacts. Rachel's like the Godfather.

No time for Southern CA, but maybe I'll call you Puja. Today I got interview for an airforce investigator about you.

Camdyn said...

You write very well.