Tuesday, August 7, 2007

hello world. New bloggage.

So this is the new blog. I'm not completely thrilled with the title, but whatever.

Among the rejected titles were,

from the top of my head:
        A Government Patsy
        Easily Irritated
        Patience is a Virtue
        Joe's Muselings
        Thinking Rationally
        Tales of a Pseudo-Engineer

from movies/books:
        Injun Joe
        4 Legs Good, 2 Legs Bad
        This Confession Has Meant Nothing (from American Psycho)
        Ho Activities with Joe Tendencies
        Joe Activities with Ho Tendencies
        A Jedi Shall Know Not Love
        Mind what you have learned - Save you it can
        Satisfaction is not Guaranteed (Rule of Acquisition #19)
        When in Doubt, Lie (Rule of Acquisition #266)
        Profit is its own Reward (Rule of Acquisition #41)
        I'm not a little girl- I'm a bionic woman (from Freaks and Geeks)
        Like My Heart is Getting Hard (from Arrested Development)

We'll see how often this gets updated. Usually I like to end with a quote, but tonight I've got nothing.


Rachel said...

welcome to blogger. Can I link to yours officially now?

LG said...

I was unaware of your Arrested Development love.

I might consider renaming my blog at some point "I've made a huge mistake."


joe said...

Well hopefully you won't be making any huge mistakes, though that would be a good title. Shoot, no anonymous comments. What the heck?! I was totally going to anonymously badmouth you on my own comments page.

Link away rachel.

Rachel said...

joe, its YOUR blog...you can set it up so it allows anonymous comments

Rachel said...

did you take the comment feature off your newer posts????

joe said...

No idea what happened to the comments. I was messing with settings to allow anonymous comments, and now I'm not sure what happened. Blah. I might call you about this later Rachel, if I can't figure out how to fix it from home.

joe said...

All's well that ends well. Fixed.

Rachel said...

its not fixed! i still cant comment on your other post!

Anonymous said...

mm... cognitively thoughts