Monday, August 27, 2007

an ill weekend

I was going to write about illegal immigration here. But after 3 paragraphs I was still too scattered to make a coherent point and gave up. I'll write about that later. This weekend I've been sick. It hasn't been a really horrible sickness, the worst of the symptoms hit me between friday evening and sunday morning, so it only lasted for about a day and a half. Sadly, I missed Leslie's going away party. I kinda wanted to talk to her some before she left too, oh well. Now I just have a lingering slight cough, but I have to work 50 hours this week so I'm getting back to it tomorrow. It'll be a busy week. It's probably for the better that Kate's return is delayed.

Oh, I had dinner with Puja on Sunday. I'm feeling a little special about it too because we were going to get drinks friday night but I wasn't feeling well and cancelled, so we rescheduled for Sunday. Meanwhile, she also called up Rachel to hang out Friday but Rachel couldn't make it either, and Rachel didn't get rescheduled! Actually, I'm making a big thing out of nothing. It's only because Sunjeev was doing the coordinating and didn't feel comfortable calling Rachel. It was a pretty fun dinner. We got sushi and chinese food, talked a little about their upcoming wedding, life on the west coast, everyone's new jobs, and this and that. And we got sort of harassed by an incomprehensible homeless guy who was asking for change (I think). He seemed pretty drunk and he babbled on and on about who-knows-what when we didn't give him any money. I walked about a block from Chinatown towards my house before deciding it probably wasn't smart in my state of fragile health.

With my sick time I finally finished the Arrested Development series and started the new Harry Potter book. Arrested Development is a great show, but it's impossible to read or do any work while you watch it. The dialogue is just too quick, you miss everything unless you're paying attention. And the Harry Potter book is meh so far (I'm like 80 pages in).

Oh, check out this blurb I found on craigslist from an incredibly optimistic date rejectee.

(This was a while ago and a longer conversation than I usually like to quote, but I think it's pretty funny. Whitney doesn't catch my sarcasm at the end.)

(Whitney thinks leaving your phone with a girl is a good way to get a date)
Whitney: unless! you like the girl- then you can "accidentally" leave it in her bag- and then have to call her later!
me: sneaky, but how would i call her?
Whitney: ohh, you could go by her house!!!
Whitney: great plan!
Whitney: ohh, what a great plan!
me: ok, so i see a girl who i want to date, i somehow manage to steal her bag and put my cellphone in it without her knowing, how am i gonna find out where she lives?
Whitney: see, i know a lot more than you think!
me: sounds like a terrible plan
Whitney: NO, you have to talk to her first and ASK her to hold your phone.
Whitney: ask generic questions like, so, what area do you live in...blah blah blah...
Whitney: THEN..."forget" your phone.
me: hmmm, right
Whitney: see. see....
me: i don't ususally ask random girls to hold my phone, only friends. it'd be kinda weird asking some girl i've just met
Whitney: "hey, im sorry to bother you, but i left my phone in your bag- is there a time i could come get it or meet you somewhere?"
Whitney: ya, maybe a girl you know you like
me: sneak my way into a first date. that's a great way to start a relationship
Whitney: ya!
Whitney: a great way!
Whitney: guys are sneaky.

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