Wednesday, August 29, 2007

in the news

Reading the news. Besides the defecating coal (obviously), I think the most interesting aspect of this story would be the nutritional value of coal. The article says "survived by eating coal," but was eating the coal required for their survival? I guess I'm the only one who's really interested if the article's title is factually correct, but I think someone should have interviewed a doctor. Heck, even a chinese doctor would have been something. I guess drinking urine will let you survive longer without water, I'll keep that in mind for the next time I go down a mine shaft.

Haha, this version of the story gives more details.

I like this quote: "But then I thought, I have two children and my wife is ugly, so it'd be hard for her to remarry." What a nice thing to say about your wife in your international interview. 66 feet in 6 days, that's a lot of digging. Though they're digging up, but still... on behalf of my somewhat-asian ancestory, I'm going to take partial credit for this feat. Go team!

Also, just saw this article about the creator of the tv show 24. It's a badly-written, macho, bs tv show where the ends always justify the means, and apparently the creator thinks it's patriotic. His photograph with the article makes him appear only slightly more mature than if he were pictured showing off tattoos or flexing his biceps. I guess true patriotism is torturing someone for your country. Maybe next season they'll have an episode where Jack Bauer gets to torture like a dozen people at once. "I'm cutting a finger off each of you until someone tells me where the bomb is." And women, and maybe a kid! That sounds like some good drama. Is he justified in cutting fingers off a terrorist's child to coerce the father into talking? Even Jack Bauer might have to think twice about that. But of course he'd do it. It's his duty. (Provided it works and the father spills the beans about the atomic bomb that's about to go off, but he'll talk, don't worry.) We're in the business of saving lives here.

"I'm sorry, I don't listen to country music." -Joey DeMaio, when asked what he thinks of Metallica.

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