Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Always Sunny in Philadelphia

In Arcata (the wedding last weekend was in the total hippy town) I happened to catch 2 episodes of the show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and they were pretty hilarious. I'm netflixing the dvds now. Here's a youtube promo. It's not actually a clip from the show, but it has a similar tone and writing. Warning: Contains Adult Language and Situations.

Still doing work, maybe I'll write something here tomorrow.

Slashdot commenter: How come Shaolin kung-fu masters aren't winning UFC championships and such? The reason is simple. Shaolin kung-fu is easily beaten by powerful grappling just as easily as scissors beats paper. When a huge Zangeif type person grabs all their limbs and holds them to the ground, their fancy kung-fu runs out pretty quickly.


Rachel said...

Leslie and i also went to a place we called hippie town, ours was paia in maui and its where willie nelson lives...basically you get a contact high just from driving through this town. also i went to woodstock ny a couple months back. talk about hippie town

LG said...

1. Rachel, I don't remember if I told you, but the US Weekly I read during my 40-hour flight home had a giant picture of Gwen and Gavin and a caption about how they were shopping in Paia, Maui the week before we were there. Also, after I dropped you off at the airport I went to the Paia crepe place and it was gloooooorious.

2. Joe, did you happen to catch last night's episode of IASIP, titled "The gang solves the situation with North Korea?" That show is awesome.

Rachel said...

man, i'm so pissed we missed Gwen and Gavin by one week. You'd think jessica could have planned her wedding around that. geesh

joe said...

Leslie, not only am I unsure what IASIP is, but I don't have cable tv so I definitely didn't watch it. It's promising that we've at least got a solution to North Korea.

Rachel said...

joe....iasip...its always sunny in philadelphia...its the title of your blog and corresponding tv show.