Tuesday, September 4, 2007

on Harry Potter

Somehow I got spyware on my laptop. I wonder if I ever ordered a cd copy of Windows from Dell. I think I did... So rediculous, they should just give you the Windows CD when you buy the computer.

Just finished the last Harry Potter book. Decent book, but not my favorite. I think my favorite was the Goblet of Fire. It's all been downhill since then. This one had too much running around worried about some stupid mystery, and no classmate interaction. The glory days of the series were back when it was Harry's clique verses Malfoy's clique, all within the confines of the school. Maybe I should get that videogame Bully. Hmm.

(possible Deathly Hallows spoilers!)
My biggest problems with Harry Potter:

-Malfoy had zero character development. How cool would it have been if Malfoy did something redemptive? He's been a bully and a coward through the whole series, a change would have been nice. Not just the cliche standing up to his father for the first time (which he didn't even do), but a sacrifice. Malfoy should have done something great.

-Voldermort had no depth. His Tom Riddle incarnation was much better. Maybe he should have tried to convince Harry to join him. It would have been interesting: a passionate speech about how Voldermort being dictator would be in the best interests of everyone. Give him a chance to explain himself. Voldermort is supposedly intelligent too, he should have been able to make a convincing case. Instead he just ran around angry and baffled about how Harry manages to beat him each time.

-Hermoine is supposedly the greatest witch of her age, but she never really does anything special. She just has random knowledge whenever the story requires it. And she nags a lot.

-Magic is so inconsistant. Some spells require speaking, some don't. Some spells require a wand, some don't. Goblins and Elves have magic, but who knows what they can do with it, besides make magic swords. The way the room of requirement works and what it can do changes with each book.

-Snape had so much potential as a character and it was mostly wasted in the end with a stupid death scene and extracted memories. It doesn't really make sense that he spends so much time belittling and dispising Harry, and then as he's dying he wants Harry to see his memories to know he wasn't really a traitor. Why does he suddenly care what Harry thinks? It's such a coward's move, from someone who clearly was not a coward.

-The wizard society looks down on muggles, but we can do so much more than they can. It's interesting, none of the wizards go to universities, understand computers, drive cars. I honestly think, if the wizard community had just gone to the British FBI and explained who Voldermort was and exactly how his magic works and what it can do, the muggle police would have tracked him down using DNA, telephones, and computers. Then we would have shot him full of bullets, and that would have been that.

-The Weasleys are an entire family of redheads. This is only a small annoyance, but red hair is such a recessive gene than the odds of all 5 children having bright red hair, even when both parents have red hair, is pretty much zero. I think the only possible explaination is a long history of redhead inbreeding.

I have two copies of the book now (sort of accidentally), and I'm not planning on keeping either. So if you want one let me know.

I also saw Super bad. Pretty hilarious movie, if you can get into immature humor.

me: i might switch to linux. all i do on the computer is instant message, surf the web, and play music
linux more like gaysexnix

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