Saturday, September 29, 2007

on videogames

Got an email from Dan saying he's saving up money for a ps3 to play tekken online. I just looked it up, and somehow at the beginning of this month they came out with tekken 5 playable online without telling me! I knew the japanese had it (those bastards), but didn't know it was available in the states.

So I was looking into getting a ps3 (I have a little more spending money than Dan), but I was just checking and there are no really good games for the ps3! I went to gamerankings and did a search for the top 40 RPGs on the ps3 (RPGs are really the only games worth playing). And it came back with a list of 4! The only one that got decent reviews was that Elder Scrolls: Oblivion game too, a game which is almost definitely better on either the xbox or pc, and I'm not really interested in playing it anyway. The PS3 has like 4 games that have gotten decent reviews, and they're all either sports or stupid action games.

So, what to do, what to do. I'm not sure. Is it worth $500 to endlessly humiliate Tekken pseudo-players nationwide (besides Dan occasionally) and not play another game until Tekken 6? It might be. Or I was also thinking of just getting a Wii instead (getting both sounds overindulgent) because I want to play Residet Evil (yes, I have zero interest in Zelda). Though the Wii is kinda hard to find, and I refuse to pay more than MSRP. I refuse to get price gouged like a sap, or propogate the culture of price gouging. I still have my dignity!* They should make a multiplayer counter-strike-esque shooter for the Wii. Normally I don't like shooters, but that'd be kinda cool.

I'm busy at work this weekend, and I haven't had any time for videogames in at least the last month. But I'm looking forward to it soon. I was also thinking of buying the Office DVDs and Rome season 2, but I may have too many dvds as it is. I hate to accumulate stuff. Though Rome is a great show and the second is the last season.. I'm such a consumer.

(from a review of Def Jam: Icon, a fighting game for the ps3)

"[The control scheme] takes a while to learn, because the game moves at a much slower pace than most fighters. Maybe that's because the MCs, or their digital counterparts, are bigger and thicker than most fighting characters. It might simply be difficult to react quickly wearing a massive parka."

(I remember thinking, while playing Def Jam: Fight for NYC years ago, that the rappers fighting in their huge jackets and chains and whatnot seemed even more rediculous when than when they were interacting, boasting about how badass and hardcore each one was)

*109th Rule of Aquisition: "Dignity and an empty sack is worth the sack."

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