Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hawaii and a little sister's wedding

Right now I'm waiting at the airport with a lot of time to kill, so I'll write this now. I'm heading back to dc tonight. I spent about 6 days in hawaii. It was fun, but traveling with the family is a little annoying. With 6 people, everything is a compromise, and after a while I get tired of compromising. I don't really like japanese food (besides the very, very occasional california rolls), and all my sisters love japanese food, so we only at it like 3 times in hawaii. Still, they didn't push me around too much, and there were a few days that I just wandered around by myself and did what I wanted. We were right on the waikiki beach, which is nice, but mostly alcohol free. You can't drink outdoors, nobody else in my family drinks, and I didn't feel like sitting in the bar by myself. I was clean and sober the whole time. On saturday night I was walking down the street and a girl asked me if I wanted "to party". I don't think she was a prostitute, but I wasn't sure what exactly "partying" meant so I declined. I don't want to get involved in anything sketchy. I did a little snorkling and got fairly sunburned. I wore thong-sandals for a single day and cut my feet up pretty badly just from them rubbing on the rubber sandals. Yep, sandals are the devil. And so, so feminine, I don't know what I was thinking wearing them. Oh and I saw NIN in their last concert for their "Day One" tour. It wasn't a album I particularly liked, but they played a lot of old stuff too. Hawaiian people are short (especially the girls), and twice I almost tripped over girls in the mosh pit because they were less than 5 feet tall and I wasn't looking down. What were they doing in there anyway? It's not like they can see anything.

I have zero photos from my little sister kathryn's wedding. I was planning on taking some with my phone's camera but the phone's battery had died in hawaii and I apparently forgot the charger in dc. So my phone was useless almost the whole trip, and the internet was spotty, but I don't think too many people were looking for me so it's alright. (editors note: actually, I'm back in dc now and still have no charger, so phone is still down.) I have no photos, but it was a really fun wedding. I was worried that my uniform of a grey shirt, brown pants, and gold tie would look silly (as it sounds), but apparently it wasn't too bad. My table was right by the bar, where my sister had put an ice chest full of pre-paid beer, and I did quite a lot of drinking. The whole night, beer after beer, it was great. The beer wasn't very good, it was too ale-y for me, but after 2 or 3 I wasn't noticing. I even did a tiny bit of awkward dancing toward the end of the night. Family gatherings are so much easier with alcohol.

This week is the last week of our fiscal year at work. I am going to be busy.

(At Kathryn's wedding reception I was talking to a girl and an older lady from my childhood church. I excused myself to hit the restroom, come back and find that the older lady has moved on to another group)
me: So did she say anything bad behind my back?
girl: No, she only said nice things. She was really talking you up.
(Kathryn, moderately drunk, walks up and smoothly enters the conversation)
kathryn: Are we supposed to be talking up Joseph? Joseph is a great catch! Um, Joseph is smart! And funny! And strong! Though you can't tell it from that shirt.
(this string of rediculousness continued for like 20 seconds while I frantically and unsuccessfully tried to jump in and steer the conversation away. Drunken disaster. I suspect this happens a lot at weddings when you're an unmarried older sibling of the bride/groom.)


Rachel said...

the girl who asked you if you wanted to party was def a prostitute. they are ALL over waikiki. When i was there i watched a prostitute seduce a little old man. it was kinda funny.

joe said...

Or maybe she was just a normal girl walking down the street and minding her own business until she saw me and felt an unstoppable sexual attraction. It could happen (though that'd be more plausable if I'd been walking around shirtless, which I hadn't).

Am said...

Sorry to say, she was most certainly a prostitute. I agree waikiki is well known for them. Good call on not attending that "party"!