Monday, September 10, 2007

a weekend of daves

Very briefly, last weekend was the weekend of Daves. Dave Shapanka is moving away (probably to Chicago) and Dave Reynolds is back from NYC. Friday night Dave, Dave, Eric and I went drove down to Baltimore and went out to bars with Noelle and Rob. It was a nice night and the bar we went to had shuffleboard (Shapanka got super lucky on a clutch toss and beat me), foosball (eric narrowly beat me, mostly because of bad lighting and my unfamiliarity with the 3 goalies configuration), some beanbag throwing game (Reynolds and I were doing well until Noelle scored 3 times in a row), and that deer hunter arcade game (I didn't play). It was fun, which is surprising for Baltimore.

Satuday the other kids went tubing but I skipped on that. That night was the sausagefest at eric's. Reynolds and I went to georgetown briefly to congradulate Ravi, our freshman year roommate, because he just got engaged. There was a slightly embarassing moment when I didn't recognize Ravi's new fiance (I'd met her once). I walked up and gave Ravi a warm congradulations, and the girl standing next to him said hi to me. But I didn't know who she was, and there was another guy standing with them too, so I just told her hello. Dave, that jerk, just thought it was funny. He knew full well that she was the fiance but didn't warn me.

There was a Shakira-looking girl at the party with really, really big hair. Dave thought she was cute. "The more Shakira-like the better." At one point I was talking about Star Trek with Kate, Val (John Sawyko's girlfriend) and Eric Noriega. Like 5 minutes into the conversation, Val, who had been contributing knowledgeably until then, asked if Star Trek was the one with light sabers.

Wednesday morning I'm leaving for about two weeks in California and Hawaii. Then when I get back I have to do some cramming for the end of the year at work. I'll be back here next month.

(talking about Arnold Swarzenegger running for president)
Loan: He hasn't been a good governor.
me: I think he's been a great!
Loan: No, If you actually look at what he's done, he hasn't been a good governor.
Spittle: Listen I don't need to see how good he is. I've seen the movies. If he ran, I'd vote for him.

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