Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Last night my metro train arrived early and I missed it. Sometimes the train is like 3 or 4 minutes late, and that's kinda annoying when it's 30 degrees out. But yesterday it arrived 2 minutes early, which I didn't realize before is so much worse than arriving a little late. If I had seen it coming sooner I might have been able to sprint to the station to catch it., but when I saw it coming I thought it must have been the other train so I didn't run. It should have sat at the station for 2 minutes just to get on schedule. You can't just go flaunting the official webpage like that. I should have complained.

Also last night I skype-chatted with Whitney. She seems to think the skype will work in Africa when she won't have a phone, so I bought a webcam and we spent about an hour making funny faces at each other. She's going to see Flogging Molly with her boytoy doctor date later this week. I haven't been to a concert in a long time, and to a good mosh pit in even longer.

Tonight I'm getting Riconcito with Rav and Dave. And I still haven't finished this stupid case...

(the call's picture and sound dies while Whitney is making funny faces)
me: You killed the video feed!
Whitney: My face killed it.


Rachel said...

OOOOH i have skype and a web cam! skype me!!!

joe said...

I think I added you, if you ever log on again. It doesn't crash my new desktop like it used to with my old one.