Friday, June 13, 2008


My house fell within the power outage area this morning. I showered in the dark, and luckily the U street metro station fell just outside of the power outage so I had no issues there. I didn't notice the shaw metro being dark, but I had a book to read and wasn't paying much attention.

In other news NASA is feeling quite confident about everything, even though pieces are falling off their shuttle. Apparently that happens all the time. I'm probably not optimistic enough to be a NASA engineer.

(from a forum comparing Tekken Tag with Tekken 5: DR, lots of complaining about DR's over-reliance on juggles and wall-combos)
Watching DR matches is painful, after a [juggle] launch or getting backed into a wall it's like watching a dad beat up his 5 year-old son. You know unless the kid can crawl through his dad's legs to get away he's prolly gonna get KO'd.

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