Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I did my laundry this morning so I got into work a little late. I grabbed a sandwich, sat at my desk and read the news while I ate. About half way through my sandwich I came to an article about the salmonella scare. My sandwich had a few slices of raw tomato. I had noticed that the guy behind me in line asking for no tomatoes but I just thought he was being an asshole. And Virginia is one of the states where poisonings have "cropped up" (though there are 9 states of primary concern and it's not one of those). So if I die of food poisoning any time soon, I want you to know it was from the Gallery Dream sandwich I got from the Gallery Cafe. Someone notify the FDA. That evil asian lady pretends to be so friendly while serving me poisoned tomatoes!

(An email from Dan after I told him he should purchase Tekken 5)
Bought it, goddam the last boss is a piece of shit, so far i hate the game and have forgotten all of my skills (not that they were the best to begin with). fucking god damn waste of $30. and online, i guess i was downloading something with caused serious lag and made my first online match a ass whooping. sons of bitches.

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