Sunday, June 22, 2008

no girls allowed

Today is the end of the quarter (in case you've been looking for me, I've been working), and usually I get myself a congratulatory present after the quarter rush. I couldn't think of anything that I wanted this time though, so I just kinda wandered around the mall. I went into Gamespot, looking for an old xbox game and was surprised to discover a whole bunch of girls in there. Apparently now with the wii, girls are getting more into the videogame scene. I thought about telling them that this was a men-only store, but I didn't. Then I found two old xbox games that I was kinda interested in playing, and they were less than $2 each, so I picked those up and brought them to the counter and the guy at the counter carded me! One of the games (Max Payne 2) was rated "mature" and he wasn't sure if I was 17 years old.

(review of a bean bag chair)
"So you finally get the chair set up and sit in it. It's wonderful. It's like... it's like sitting on a fat person. I've never sat on a fat person before, but I have to imagine this is what it's like... I even just slept the whole night on it a couple of times because it's just that comfortable. It could double as a guest bed. You could tell your friend it's a bed, and if they're a little bit of an idiot, they'll buy it."


Rachel said...

You are a jerk joe. In my apt right now i have two video game systems. so f'you!

joe said...

Maybe engineer girls are the exception to the rule. I hope you aren't wandering videogame stores in the mall though, those are male sanctuaries!

Rachel said...

Whatever, I always go to gamestop in pentagon city. Also there is one down duke street and one out here in greenbelt. So back off, I claim those stores for girls everywhere.