Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And people leave

Both Rav and Liza are leaving for NYC soon. Rav sent out a email of "small talk we would have made" with all his basic information, and Liza sent out a email saying "these are things you don't need to ask me because I'm tired of answering them". Both emails cite questions I've asked. I am such a typical, uncreative friend. Instead of the conversation being: "I'm going to NYC." "Oh, where are you going to live?" I should have said something more interesting. "I'm going to NYC." "Your mom is going to NYC!" No, no, that's too cynical and generic. I think I just don't have anything unique to contribute on a conversation about NYC. Well, once I went with my sister to a feminism art exhibit and saw some hardcore pornographic exhibits. It was interesting. No good advice here though, or good questions either apparently. What do you call someone who is neither knowledgable nor effective at obtaining knowledge? Dull might an appropriate word.

Every few months there's some jackass at work who thinks he's a big shot and wants to conduct a telephone interview with his phone on speakerphone. If Spittle was still around, I'd try to get his cooperation to walk by this guy's office while having a loud, inappropriate argument. Or we could just yell down the hall at each other. Seriously, how much crap are you juggling with your hands that you can't manage to hold onto the phone and save the rest of us a headache.

Tonight is Banjolina Jolie at Solly's! I'm happy that it's so close to my apartment this time.

(we all get a mass-email about this young-ish blond lady, who was brought in to advise management, is leaving the office to be a housemom for her new kid)
co-worker: I saw that lady at the Plaza Gourmet getting lunch one time, and she totally wanted me.
me: Yeah?
co-worker: She pinched my ass in the line. And then told me to get back to work.
me: Sexy.
co-worker: It was pretty hot.

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