Sunday, January 16, 2011

I went to One Lounge yesterday because Kate was having a party there. First of all, I'm not a huge fan of that place. The music is too loud, the bartenders too rare, and the whole house-like architecture is a little weird. Plus it loses points for not having partitions between urinals in the bathroom.

My main story from the night is that there was some poor guy at the place trying to dance with any girl he could find. He'd just walked up to girls and asked them to dance, not taking no for an answer. I was just standing somewhat nearby and talking to another guy, and three times random girls either: started making frantic gestures like she wanted help, or she jumped over and just started talking to us, or in one case a girl grabbed my arm to start dancing with me instead.

So now I think that the ultimate wingman is probably a super persistent yet repellent guy. You just have to set him loose, give him about 10-20 seconds with a girl to creep her out, and then swoop in for the save. It almost sounds unethical.

(comments from a jpost article about Stuxnet)
Barak Bard: 2010 may be the first year for which the Israel Prize will be given to "Anonymous".
Stephen: 0010 0101 1001 0010 11001 Did you get it? Now if not, take PC and throw into a big fire. The virus comes and goes, it enters and exits without leaving a trace on your hard disk. As long as there is one infected computer in Iran it will quietly sit there awaiting instructions. When you change all the computers, that is into the great bonfire, the virus will return as the angel of death on those new computers. The G-d of Israel is on cyber attack to those that blaspheme his name and his chosen people. Read the Bible and how Pharaoh was taught a lesson. This a today's plague, no frogs, just viruses.

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