Friday, January 28, 2011

The stylists at the hair butchery have found a new way to mess up my hair. I told the lady "Number 3 on the sides, a finger's width on top" just like I always do, but this lady had other ideas. First, she had a number 3 razor, but her preferred razor uses like the metric system or something, and so she just had "the equivalent" of a number 3.

Then, instead of a finger's width she used a comb and gave me "the equivilant of a finger's width". So instead of having hair that's 3/4s inch long, I have a 3/4 inch shapeless sphere of hair around my skull. I wasn't very happy. But then I went to visit Puja tonight.

Puja: Oh, you got your hair cut.
me: Yep, thanks for noticing. I'm not totally happy with it.
Puja: Why? It looks good... It looks better than your usual haircut.
(Thanks Puja!)

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