Monday, January 10, 2011

Tonight I sat through Mean Girls on TNT or USA or something, even though it was rife with commercials, was censored (probably not much because it's only PG-13 I think, but I'm sure they edited it for content/time), and I have the DVD of it somewhere in the apartment. Is it a new low in laziness? No surprise: I'm having a hard time getting back on work like I should be.

On the other hand I set up my laptop to serve videos to my ps3 which has proven to work well for watching small files. My network makes 720p stutter and I didn't even try anything bigger. I'll talk about the holiday break when I post photos from there.

I watched Mama Mia over at Rachel's new place. We were waiting for Verizon to show, but they apparently cancelled her appointment because someone had written that her building doesn't get FiOS. Mama Mia was better than I thought it'd be, but still not great. Too much Abba. And it's very broadway-ish but without great characters. Lots of daddy talk/drama that doesn't pay off into big drama. (Rachel hadn't seen this but somehow I did- Chris Klein Audition tape)

I have an annoying attorney interview at 1pm tomorrow. This guy loves to fly over from the west coast for some reason. Maybe he likes to get away from his family. It's like my fourth meeting with him and the case (surprise surprise) is going no where. I need to wear a tie, put on my polite face, and find us an office to meet in. Ugh. Office rooms are hard to come by these days.

I'm having a hard time sleeping. It's my guilty conscience.

(Whitney and Joe are visiting San Francisco)
me: The wax museum is great! I remember when I went it was a super hot day, which is rare in San Francisco, and most places don't AC, but then we went to the wax museum and it was nice and cool, and full of weird wax people.
Whitney: Yeah... Black people are weird.
(then I had to tell Whitney that she had in fact misheard my comment, and we weren't going to be getting into another one of those conversations)

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