Monday, January 17, 2011

Some quick movie reviews.

You Again: This one was terrible. I was hoping for something like Just Friends, where Ryan Reynolds as a "cool adult" visits home and finds himself being pigeonholed back into his geeky role from high school. But this one was all about women acting like junior highers. Like Mean Girls, but with adults and not as clever. And no normal, straight-man characters to express disbelief and every character's immature. I can't believe I sat through this whole thing.

Centurion: Also terrible. There's a reason you never heard about this movie. It's not as bad as that King Arthur movie with Kiera Knightly, but it's close, and in a similar style but with more sweeping landscape shots a la lord of the rings. (More specifically, imagine that part of the beginning of The Two Towers when Aragon, Gimli and Legolas are running across the plains tracking the orcs. Probably half of this movie was like that scene, but with 6 dudes running away from a bunch of people tracking them on horseback, while the camera cuts from one group to the other and back again.) The other thing this movie had was lots of quick shots where a random guy gets his head smashed or something and blood splatters everywhere. I think there was a big battle scene that was just a series of quick shots of random guys getting hacked in the head or limbs. I guess that's kinda what war is. Things this movie didn't have: comic scenes, dramatic scenes, believable characters or interesting dialogue.

Never Let Me Go: This movie was surprisingly quite decent. I'd seen the movie The Island and the preview for this movie so I had a good idea of what to expect. The movie also starts out pretty slow and never really picks up speed (about a quarter of the way into the movie the story jumps 10 years and all the actors change. It was a little disorienting ). Some of the details about the science or the society seem a little far fetched but these far fetched aspects were sorta crucial to the story. I really enjoyed the way we saw the characters handle tragedy towards the middle and end of the film, which is what the movie really wanted to be about. Pretty good stuff.

Paper Man: This movie was pretty good too. I've never much liked Lisa Kudrow but I didn't totally hate her in this and all the other actors did well portraying believable characters. The story was interesting, the dialogue decent. There was a bit of comedy, a bit of drama. There was a slight plot twist that surprised me. Some of it was a little slow but all in all I liked this one.

(from a review of Action)
But the real stars were the writers. The show seems like it’s all about Peter Dragon, but it’s just as much the story of nebbish writer Adam Rafkin (or was it Alan Rifkin?…). Fighting to retain every sensitive allegorical scene in his magnum opus, Beverly Hills Gun Club (like the ritual slaughter of the pandas), Rafkin is the perfect counterpart to Dragon’s consummate amoral Hollywood insider.

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