Friday, March 18, 2011

I had another post written up about hairstylists at the hair cuttery, but it was very cynical so I deleted it.

I'm watching some of Good Will Hunting. One of the biggest mysteries in the history of film: how did Matt Damon and Ben Affleck manage to write a good script? I guess if you set a million monkeys typing in a half million rooms, two of them somewhere will type out a good script. Though Ben Affleck also wrote Gone Baby Gone and The Town, so he must carry a brain somewhere above those gorilla shoulders.

It seems more than a little mean to tell someone that the best part of your day is in the morning before you see him, when you're hoping to not see him. I don't think I'd tell my best friend that. Even in the context of that scene it seems mean. Sure, I hope my friends lead successful lives. But even if I was stuck in prison with a friend I don't think I'd hope to wake up each day to find him gone. Well, in prison maybe I would, if I really wanted what was best for him. Hmm. No, I think a last goodbye is always nice. A meaningful handshake to conclude an experience. That always makes for a much better parting.

(from Deadwood, when Richardson is caring for a sickly Farnum, who despises him)
Farnum: Could you have been born, Richardson? And not egg-hatched, as I've always assumed?


Sarah said...

Hair Cuttery made me cry. I am not a girl who cries about her hair. Cynicism is probably appropriate for that place.

Matt Damon has excellent highlights in that movie. I didn't like in when I saw in high school but it grew on me. It is good, even though I have always been skeptical about Matt Damon's character actually getting to see the girl in that car.

joe said...

The trick with the hair cuttery, if you're going to risk it, is to be super specific about knowing what you want. And if you happen to walk in and it's the dumb stylist's turn, check your watch and say "oh, I have to go do something first" and run out the door. Hopefully it won't still be her turn when you come back again. I'm sorry they made you cry, that sounds sad.

I didn't notice his higlights, so I guess they must have been good? If he thinks the med school girl is going to have any time for him once he makes it across the country, he's really not so smart after all. She's a budding doctor with a career! And exams!