Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm listening to Fiona Apple. Remember her from the 90s? Dan once tried to tell me that she was good and I think I instinctively called him a girl (this was high school). This is the first time I've given her a chance and it turns out that it's pretty decent stuff. She kinda drawls on but it's very smooth, sorta like jazz, which I usually don't have the patience for but I'm exceptionally tired today so maybe that's helping.

(comments about the X-Men: First Class trailer)
The best part of the trailer was seeing Magneto in his full gear and watching Azazel Teleport. I also like the way Magneto was crying when he was trying to lift that ship at the end. I totally understand how he feels, I tried doing that before and got a real big headache.


Anonymous said...

I suggest checking out Fiona's later work like "When the Pawn Hits..." and especially "Extraordinary Machine". Both are much more experimental and less "smooth" than her debut "Tidal" and both were highly acclaimed.

joe said...

Yep, I listened to it all before judging.