Friday, March 4, 2011

I tried watching Amelie tonight. I really tried. Watched about an hour of that nonsense. This is probably what the rest of the world thinks when they try to watching something like Ace Venture with subtitles. Just a bunch of weird characters being weird and none of the humor gets across the cultural barrier. Do we really need voice-over telling us what random things each character likes and dislikes? I guess someone thought it would add more depth to the characters. "This old man loves de-boning chicken with his fingers! Look at the satisfaction on his face!" Oh, French people. Also it seems unhygienic to allow passing people to stick their hands into your sack of wheat. Even though Amelie likes doing it, she should show a little self-discipline when walking through the market. Maybe that's just me.

Apparently it's difficult to do work and watch a movie with subtitles. I'm reorganizing my netflix queue now to postpone any further foreign movies until April.

Also, I've decided that I'm switching to diet soda. The pepsi I just drank has 300 calories of sugar. That's more than I'd burn if I went down to the gym tonight and used the elliptical until my shirt was dripping sweat. Something I'm definitely not going to do tonight.

(comments about a copyright infringement lawsuit defendent who wrote an impassioned not-guilty plea in response to claims that she downloaded the movie Far Cry)
mogbert: She doesn't sound like she has kids. Also doesn't sound like the type of person who would enjoy an Uwe Boll film, as she used complete sentences and didn't appear to be lobotomized.


Sarah said...

I loved Amelie but I have not watched it in forever because I have not had the patience for subtitles. A boy I dated in college and I both wanted to be Amelie. It was yet another indicator we were not meant to be. ;)

Drink that diet soda in moderation! Have you seen this site? It is interesting to look at the amount of sugar in foods visually...

joe said...

Useful site. I'll try switching from poptarts to toaster strudel, provided they're at safeway. And I wish there was a local Orange Julius! That'd be totally worth the sugar.