Monday, March 21, 2011

This morning I set up my regular alarm clock, and then also set my phone's alarm to go off on the other side of the apartment at the same time. It's like training a monkey here. It's sorta working.

Some useful trivia for you: triangulation versus trilateration. This caused me some problems last week because pretty much everyone incorrectly describes GPS and other locating systems as using triangulation, and I end up with the one guy who thinks his system is novel because it uses trilateration.

This week is quite busy for me, I'll be back on here next week.

(From the last time Whitney was off visiting Europe 18 months ago. She's there again right now.)
(4:29:07 PM) me: you're gonna be missing out on doug's last concert in nyc. i'm bussing up tomorrow for it.
(4:29:16 PM) whitney dickens: i know :(
(4:29:22 PM) whitney dickens: im a loser sister.
(4:29:28 PM) me: yep. bad sibling.
(4:29:30 PM) whitney dickens: but, once you get married you have better things to do.

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