Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I just found out that Ravi, my old freshman year roommate is having triplets. I got invited to the baby shower, which is irregular because I'm a man, but Puja invited me to her baby shower too. So maybe it's co-ed in Indian culture. The baby shower invite said nothing about triplets. I had to find out through facebook hints. I was thinking of dropping off a present and skipping out on the baby shower, but I'm not going to buy 3 presents and not get some Indian food out of it.

(from a user review of Prison Tycoon 4, talking about trying to signal the guards that a prisoner's escape hole is behind a pillar)
I clicked the pillar, and I get the building edit screen... grrrrr..... Get the Guard selected again, and try to click the hole.... WORKED. He runs over to the hole... then STOPS. IT's time for his coffee break, so he turns around and walks toward the bunk-house! You would think stopping prisoners from escaping would over-ride his break time.... They must be UNION Guards.

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