Tuesday, November 4, 2008

For Halloween I dressed as a cowboy and Kate was a cute lobster. Sadly, I didn't remember to get any photos. But we went to a quiet party at Val's and had a good time.

Yesterday I went to a "trivia" event at Fado's with Rachel, Kate, and some of Kate's friends. It was okay. I think we did the worst of all the trivia teams, though I'm not sure why. Maybe DC bar people are smarter than you'd think.

Surf over to Rachel's Tumblr for a photo of my sweet new cowboy hat.

Tonight we find out election results. We'll see how it goes. Kate is all worried, but I'm pretty confident that Obama will get the majority vote and majority of electorates.

(from a forum)
Edi: This discussion is also moving to territory where it might as well soon be shut down because it's not going to be productive in any way if things continue in the same vein.
Innocence: Excuse me, but do you own this forum? You seem very eager to shut down this discussion on the general principle that you find it tedious I've stated a new important issue about this case, and yes, you're probably right that it wont change their descision, but please let other people have their say before you cry out, demanding the discussion be shut down.
JimMorrison: Edi is a hard man, and these forums need discipline, something their mother never gave them.

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