Friday, November 7, 2008

Saw the Mountain Goats last night with Eric. It was a pretty disappointing show. They now have a drummer, who I don't think adds anything except noise to the songs, and the co-singer seemed more annoying than usual too. The best songs of the show were the 2 or 3 that John Darnielle performed alone. He did a broad mixture of really new stuff (that he collaborated on with this extremely short guitarist Kaki King), really old stuff that is decent, and only a little of the newer stuff that I like the most. He only played 2 or 3 songs off the newest album, instead promoting this new EP (of questionable quality) he did with Kaki King (though I don't think anyone at the concert appreciated the overly-long guitar instrumentals). He didn't play the Alphonse Mambo, which is the song I always hope for. That and a cover of the Sign.

Also briefly went to my co-worker Paul's birthday in St Ex. I'm not a big fan of the basement of St Ex, it gets way too noisy and stuffy in there. And slightly too dark with the tv sets casting weird shadows. If feels like there should be a fight club down there instead.

(me on the phone with my mom)
me: Do you know the results of that proposition about giving animals more space?
mom: (to my dad) Peter, what were the results of that chicken proposition?
(a pause)
mom: It passed. Your father says the people voted for animal rights and against human rights.

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