Monday, November 24, 2008

Gone to too many concerts and events to comment on them all here. This thing isn't getting updated as often as it once was. Saw Electric 6 and the Local H with Rachel, and then saw Umphrey's McGee with Mark. Both were pretty decent. But now I'm tired of standing, listening to too-loud music, and ending the night feeling disgusting because you've been standing too close to smokers. I need to see a good moshing-type concert next.

Metro is recommending that everyone within 2 miles walk to Inauguration instead of trying to take the overcrowded metro trains. They better have cops down there yelling at people or there will definitely be doors breaking as tourists repeatedly hold them open and squeeze through. It's going to be chaos. Unfortunately I live about 3 miles from the capitol, so I probably wouldn't walk. But to compensate, I'm giving a discount to my renters. Site this blog entry and get a special deal of just $100/night to stay on my couch. Though if you look sketchy I'm not even opening the gate for you, so keep that in mind.

(carrying Kate's suitcase. It's a little heavy but I'm very manly and strong)
kate: Will you be alright with that?
me: Of course! What kind of man do you think I am!?!
(slight pause)
kate: A monkey!

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