Friday, July 25, 2008

catching up

After Rachel's reminder, here is a blog update. Has it really been almost a month? Wow. I'm pretty busy this week, but I'll write something brief here.

My sister's wedding was fun. There was some worry that I would walk my grandfather to the front of the church but forget that I had to return to escort my mother to the front also. This would have ground the whole wedding to a halt as people panicked and tried to figure out how my mother could get to the front. But I remembered, and everything went off without a hitch. It was a pleasant reception, I talked to my relatives and a lot of family friends from home that I hadn't seen in a long time. They had this weird cucumber water, that wasn't my favorite. I took some pretty good photos on my phone, maybe I'll post them sometime (I have a few cousins on facebook who might be interested). I went out a couple times with one hs friend and I kicked my hs friend Dan's ass at tekken one night. It was a busy trip, like all wedding trips, but fun.

There was a small party at Eric's basement on my birthday and all sorts of people that I randomly know from different places showed up. All that was missing was someone from high school and the party would have been like a chronological record of my friends. My cousin and his wife showed up, and Chris Toombs and Leslie and a few other people that I don't see very often. They came in waves too, which was good because Eric's place wasn't big enough for everyone at once.

Rachel's birthday was yesterday, but she had a party last saturday for it, and I showed up there instead of to the other Joe Schell's birthday in Pennsylvania. I was really considering going to the other Joe Schell's, and I probably would have if it didn't mean skipping Rachel's party and a whole bunch of driving. But Rachel's was fun. Rocket bar is like 3 times as big as it was last year, which was surprising because it's in a basement. And Kate kicked my ass at skiball. I had proposed a doller per point difference before we played (because she was all cocky), but I'm glad I withdrew that. I would have owed her like $80. And I talked to Katie Tilly and Julie for a little while. And Elspeth was friendly, like she is about half the times I've talked to her. All in all it was a great party and I was feeling uncomfortable about going (like I often do before Rachel's parties) but I'm glad I did.

Last night I stayed up all night working at a computer game, so it's kinda screwing me today. Oh, I watched this old Sylvester Stalone movie called F.I.S.T. which sounds like a movie about brawling, but it's really a movie about the Teamsters Union's rise to power. It was pretty good, surprisingly. Stallone can be a good actor when the writing requires it.

I guess it's back to work for me.

(I'm walking down the street carrying two 18-packs of Miller lite for my birthday party)
street guy: Hey, where's the party?
me: Umm, there is no party. My girlfriend's an alcoholic.
street guy: Oh. I'm sorry.

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