Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Busy weekend

Busy weekend. Kate visited, which was fun as always. She was sick so we didn't do any drinking, but we went to some Texas/NASA/Bhutan festival on the mall (where I found and claimed some pretty nifty sunglasses that a 10 year old had forgotten on a bench). Mostly we just wandered around Bhutan stuff for a while. We also walked around Columbia Heights and Southern Georgia Avenue a little, because Kate is getting a house out there. It was a warm weekend, not the best for walking around.

We were going to see Wall-e, but imdb.com messed up the movie times (that's the story anyway) and we missed it. We watched the first disc of Weeds (okay show, but not very funny or very exciting otherwise, and I'm not sure why people really like it), the first disc of the Sopranos (again, not really all that funny, and the drama is very slow) and I probably won't watch more of either.

While walking through Columbia Heights, we stopped at Target for tissues and tupperware and I noticed they had a Wii in stock. So I bought it. The tennis is fun. Kate was upset that it can't tell the difference between a full tennis swing and a wrist swing. I do a little better than her when she does full swings and I move my arm as little as possible. I'm kind of disappointed that it doesn't ask you for an exact screen size, it just kinda guesses your screen size based on how far back you're standing. So it thinks my tv is smaller than it is because my couch is like 5 feet from the tv.

According to this site, I need to make a sensor bar that is 3.4 feet long. Shouldn't the sensor bar (which is really just a row of IR LEDs) be smaller, so that it thinks I'm further away than I am? I'll have to research this a little more.

Also I need to find a tailor for a suit this week. Somehow I've grown about an inch fatter since I last wore my suit. I need to start exercising.

(about the game Mass Effect)
"They managed to get a fairly diverse cast of actors to work on the game, and the main female character (thankfully) doesn't sound like a dumbshit bimbo like every other game in history. The voice modulation on certain alien species is fairly well done, and makes them sound different but not absurd. Of course, the actors are limited by the writing; no matter how well you say 'I think she's the right person to save the galaxy.' it's going to sound stupid."


Rachel said...

1. i went to the nasa exhibit on the mall, it was alright

2. Wall*e was AWESOME, go some other time

3. Stick with weeds, it only gets better. great show

4. i have a good tailor but its out in clarendon

joe said...

Hmm, not sure if I have patience for Weeds. Should I just get the first disc from season 2 instead of working my way up?

The Bhutan exhibit was kinda interesting, but it was waaay too warm to hang out very long in the crowds looking at stuff.

Clarendon doesn't seem too far when there's this much money on the line. Hmm, maybe I'll check out this "The Tailored Man". Doesn't sound like your place though.

Rachel said...

my place is called clarendon valet i think. its in clarendon little area with all the stores, next to origins and chicos there is a little alley, go down the alley and there is the tailor i go to