Wednesday, July 2, 2008

lazy.. and fat.

Decided to skip on the tailoring. So long as I don't get any fatter in the next week, I should be okay in this suit. I'm thinking of doing a litlte exercising just to be certain.. And not eating this entire cake that I bought at whole foods. Still fitting into the suit by Kate's brother's wedding at the end of the month is the bigger question. If only there was a Arthur M Rosenburg around here, I could get another nice suit, but it appears they died out sometime in the 60's in New Haven.

Also, Happy Birthday to Dave! Though I don't think he reads this. But if you know him then send him a Happy Birthday message.

(from an article about Ashton Kutcher's history in Hollywood, talking about the show "punk'd")
At the beginning of each episode, he gives a cocky to-camera address, revealing the vile, sniggering man-child behind the vile, sniggering man-child, and proving that success had not just gone to his head, but it was beginning to seep gelatinously from his eyeball cavities.

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