Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The coffee in the little market in the basement went from $1 to $1.15! First of all, a 15% increase seems excessive. Is coffee really getting more expensive these days? It's not even special coffee, they just get the regular stuff from safeway and mix it up. I guess maybe they're making up for 6 years of no inflation increase. But the second (and more significant) issue is that now you can't just pay with a single bill, you have to go fishing through you pockets for change! I wish they had instead decreased the size of the cups by 15%. I never fill mine up all the way anyway because I drink 2/3s of it at most. Screw that place. From now on I'm going to starbucks.


linda o said...

But if you start going to Starbucks you'll be paying twice as much for crap coffee. Don't do it!!!

joe said...

At starbucks I'd probably pay 3x as much for a mocha. But it'd be worth it! Yum!

Hi Linda!

linda o said...

Hi Joseph!