Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I thought my haircut came out pretty well. Puja gave it her "looks like every other haircut you get" review which I didn't appreciate. But I guess it does. She thinks you reach an age where you should just stick with your accepted haircut. (Puja thinks I've reached this age and my shaved head didn't count as a different hairstyle. It was the same style, just shorter.) But I'm not ready to surrender yet! Maybe for halloween I'll dye my hair again. Or if I see Doug this christmas maybe I'll get a mohawk to match his. The world is still my hair's oyster.

Today my wireless was being finicky so I was going through the logs and I noticed a device I didn't recognize. Someone named DEL001599200A1D was stealing my wireless! Spent some time looking through router settings trying to figure out how to either set up MAC address control or manual DHCP so I could block extraneous IP addresses (he'd already cracked my password security, and changing that would mean putting it all back into the ps3, wii, etc, which is a huge pain). This is the router the office gave me and it didn't seem to really have easy options for either. Fussed around for like 30 minutes and then it dawned on me that DEL001599200A1D is my network printer.


Rachel said...

I was ready to get mad that you assumed this super hacker was a "he" then I laughed.

Let me know if you want more help with the dye! lets go red this time!

joe said...

I'm leaning more toward the Christmas mohawk I think, but thanks for the offer Rachel!