Friday, May 7, 2010

The day after I buy lettuce for the first time EVER, and there's a lettuce recall because of e. coli. Maybe it's a message. It is my destiny not to eat salads.

Tonight is the Friday Night Lights season premier. I went through almost all over season 3 on netflix this week, trying to catch up. Now I wish I still had the cowboy hat I bought for halloween 2 years ago because it would be perfect.

(about our high school reunion)
(12:22:08 AM) me: it's at a bar in santa rosa.
(12:22:12 AM) Dan: my fear would be nobody would remember me
(12:22:21 AM) me: why would that bother you?
(12:22:30 AM) me: all these people whose lives you changed :)
(12:22:42 AM) me: you won't remember them either.
(12:22:47 AM) Dan: you're a mean drunk
(12:22:56 AM) Dan: the sad thing is i do

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