Thursday, May 13, 2010

I watched District 9 last night. (Spoiler alert!) Decent movie, but not stellar. None of the characters were particularly interesting and the whole alien situation seemed a little unexplored. How are their weapons so powerful, yet nobody is exploiting the aliens to have them use the weapons? Why wasn't the mothership fully dismantled and reverse engineered? We just let it sit there undisturbed for 20 years? The floating-ship technology sounds useful. I bet the script's first draft had the aliens having no useful technology, but then the studio said "This won't work in an alien movie. We need some guns! And big robot suits! That Transformers movie made a lot of money.."

I also find it unlikely that the extremely powerful fluid fuel needed to propel the ship is also coincidentally the fluid used to change humans into aliens (and back again). These are two highly specialized and unrelated functions. It'd be like discovering that diesel gas will change turtles into birds. It just seems unlikely.

(from a review of Ctrl+Alt+Del comics)
Ethan is the wacky one like all get out. He built a robot - OUT OF X-BOXES! LMAO HEUG. He talks about giraffes and cheese! LMAO RANDOM. He cavorts and gibbers and acts like he should be in an institution. His antics are supposed to elicit a laugh, but... how? It's so over the top, so wholly pathetic, that you just can't. It's not like watching someone who is naturally, gracefully funny in person. It's like watching someone desperately act the clown so you'll accept him. He flings himself out of windows, burns himself, cuts himself, walks into accident after accident and if you zoom in real close you can see the glistening tears in his eyes and he silently whispers for you to accept him so he won't be so lonely anymore. But you don't, because he's a f***ing idiot.

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