Saturday, May 1, 2010

Watching Soldier's Girl from netflix. Before putting it into the dvd player I had a moment of hesitation where I considered that the netflix plot synopsis might have conveyed the entire story so there was no point in even watching the dvd. A soldier falls in love with a transvestite and gets murdered by his homophobic soldier comrades. Interesting news story, not an interesting movie. Luckily, while the summary is accurate, there's more to it than that. The netflix reviewers describe it as an incitement of Don't Ask Don't Tell but it doesn't really touch on that specifically. It only portrays the policy as fostering an underhanded homophobia and ignorance in the military, which I'd imagine it does. Shawn Hatosy does a great job playing the victim's roommate and best friend. His character is a volatile combination of extremes and he has some great moments in the film. That actor usually plays pretty similar thug characters, but he really layers this character well. This movie is twice as good as I thought it'd be, and I think it's all because of him.

In other news, I've been using an electric toothbrush for a few days now. My first use of it was similar to putting an electric egg beater in your mouth and turning it on. It was a good thing I was standing over the sink because saliva and toothpaste went everywhere. Now I've got the mess mostly contained, but I'll have to wait a few weeks to see if it's really helping my teeth (mostly on the stain level because my cavities are already under control).

(from the weatherman)
If you want your father to think you're not a silly f***, don't slap a guy across the face with a glove. Because if you do that, that's what he will think, unless you're a nobleman or something in the 19th century, which I am not.

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