Friday, May 14, 2010

An explanation of the 4 possible interpretations of "a friend in need is a friend indeed". I always thought it meant the third definition, but the first two seem more likely now.

I hate how yahoo sneaks stupid articles about UFC into their news headlines as though it's real news. "Huge upset at UFC!" I don't care. Apparently yahoo is somehow sponsored by UFC, but I'm tired of these "article" ads being interspersed in there. Mostly because I'm tempted to click on them. Also I hate how after you click out of yahoo mail, it brings you to the yahoo main webpage, but then you have to wait before typing any new URL into the window. After a few seconds the page finishes loading (or finishes the intentional delay, if yahoo is being sneaky) and the cursor automatically jumps down to the search bar. So you'll think you're typing a URL but then you're suddenly typing in the yahoo search. Huge pain in the ass. Lots of times I end up yahoo searching for a website whose URL I know because I just type it all out and hit return before the page finishes loading.

(A science blog entry about the thermodynamics of Goldilocks & the Three Bears, and Mama Bear's porridge being too cold)
The only way that the story can make sense is if, for some reason, the Mama Bear has the smallest portion of porridge. In which case, this is a story with a very different moral than the original-- it's a story about the oppression of the Mama Bear, either because the patriarchy is forcing her to eat only the scraps left behind after her husband and child have had their fill, or because the unhealthy woodland media culture has saddled her with a negative body image, leading to an eating disorder.

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