Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm listening to Les Miserables. Every time I listen to it I have to skip Master of the House. What a terrible, out of place song. Seems to have very little to do with the story, and whole bouncy feel of the song is definitely out of place. I guess it's supposed to break the mood after the Castle on a Cloud downer (which I could also do without. Listening to little girls babble about imaginary things is never interesting), but they could have done it in a way that matched the feel of the rest of the songs. Something with a slower beat and not as desperately humorous. Ugh.

(urban dictionary definition of "anime")
The most retarded s*** ever. The characters eyes are big and the women dress half naked and their boobs practically pop out of their tight usually school girl outfits. Retarded plots that are confusing and make daytime soap operas look like kindergarten math as far as understanding goes. The characters mouth are non-existent when talking, but when laughing become huge. Also everyone that watches it is lame and immature as hell. They talk in cutsey voices and make me want to bitch slap them. Also there's porno of it, which is f***ing clown shoes since you can get real porno everywhere.

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