Saturday, May 8, 2010

Craigslist should have an option where it can automatically disable your post after X people have sent you emails or after a time period that's shorter than 7 days. This would be handy in the "free" section, where you'll get 5 emails per minute from scavangers hoping for free goods. I feel bad if I don't respond to people with at least "sorry, it's sold," but even that turns into a hassle pretty quickly.

Apparently Cue Bar is now some kind of dance hall. It's a shame, cue bar was a nice and quiet place for drinks, pool and ping pong. I guess it probably shut down because it was too quiet. Bummer.

Joe: I'm sure Duke is concerned about your facebook postings.
Whitney: Hey, my posts go out to 700 people. I could take that school down if I wanted to!

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