Saturday, May 15, 2010

I rewatched most of Friday Night Lights today while I cleaned. Though my recording was kinda screwed by the storm and cuts out sometimes.

Some criticisms though:

Why didn't Coach Taylor just tell Tammy that he didn't know that Luke's mailbox was in front of an empty field? Because he didn't know until Buddy showed it to him and told him who lived there. Furthermore, why would it matter whether Luke's real address was in East Dillon district in past years, when the high school was completely shutdown and non-operational? Why would the mailbox have even been there if the whole area was zoned for Dillon High? They wouldn't have needed it.

It doesn't make sense that people would put a bunch of surrender flags in the coach's front yard. There was nobody in the stands for the football game, the students don't care at all about playing for the football team. The entire east Dillon community has been portrayed as unsupportive and uncaring about the football team. Parents of the players don't care when the coach shows up at the house, and students don't even stop playing basketball when the coach is trying to talk. Then suddenly they're outraged enough about a football game forfeit to go put up white flags in the coach's yard? Inconsistency. When the community doesn't care, it doesn't care. At my high school we never heard about football games except at the occasional rally. A forfeit wouldn't have even started a conversation, let alone inspired enough anger to go stake flags in the coach's front yard.

I had no idea that the random guy who stops Coach Taylor at the gas station and starts babbling was some famous coach. I wonder if most viewers knew. That scene just seemed out of place and unlikely. Some random guy recognizes the coach and start spewing metaphors about inner pirates and how to swing a sword. It was out of place and random, and neither I nor the coach could believe it was happening.

I also didn't like the scene where Tim's brother starts yelling at him in the car shop. I guess people sometimes explode with stress, but it felt too out of place because it was such a short scene. We had like about 5 seconds of regular time in the mechanic shop before Tim asks about getting paid, and then like a 2 minute explosion by the brother about all his issues, and then end of scene. It just wasn't subtle enough for me.

I do like this bicycling girl that Landry backed into. She looks like Tyra, but is even hotter!

Wait, in the last scene Coach Taylor apologizes to Tami for lying! So he did know about the mailbox and fake address, even though Buddy had to show it to him and then tell him what it was, and even though the mailbox wouldn't have mattered in past years because of East Dillon not being open. Crazy.

me: Me First and the Gimme Gimmes do a great cover of this song.
Kate: Do they do anything besides covers?
me: No. Just covers. But they do punk covers of non-punk songs, so it's really like new material.
Kate: So they're kind of like Eric's band.
(oh snap!)